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Is the SAT 2 the same thing as the SAT subject test?

Many students are confused about the exact difference between SAT 2 and the SAT subject test. What was once called the SAT II is now known as the SAT Subject Test, and while the official term is no longer the SAT II both terms are still in common use and do refer to the same exam. However, SAT subject test is not the same as SAT. The SAT tests verbal, writing and mathematical abilities while the SAT2 is an additional requirement that some colleges require of students who intend to take highly competitive coursework such as medicine or engineering. The California Department of Education, which maintains SAT test statistics from previous years, offers a wealth of test questions for students to review.

Unlike the SAT, the SAT subject test focuses on specific subjects like History, Math, Chemistry, and languages. The SAT subject tests are developed to ensure that a student has the capacity to work hard and thrive in pursuit of a complicated degree program. If a student wants to take a medical course they are often required to pass the SAT Biology and Chemistry tests. The scores that a student achieves on the exam can determine whether they are adequately prepared to face the rigors of academic excellence required by a given college or university.

Students who want to become a Language instructor in the future are encouraged to take SAT language subject tests. The SAT subject tests cater to a number of languages including Hebrew, French, Korean, Japanese, and more. The results of the test determine the level at which a student is prepared to enter into language courses.

The best time to take the SAT subject test/ the SAT 2, is when a student has already made a decision on what courses they would like to pursue in college. This will give students ideas about what particular subject tests to take. The subject tests should be related to course a student plans to take and courses a student has excelled at or focused on during high school. Taking the SAT 2 may improve a student’s chance to access top tier universities in spite of the decreasing acceptance rates to many such schools.

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Preparing for the SAT II subject test should start months before the actual exam. An online tutoring program for this particular type of standardized test is often essential for students who wish to obtain impressive scores. Live online tutoring has been developed to allow students to learn at their own pace. Preparedness can make all the difference in succeeding on the SAT subject test.

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