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Get free answers to drug and alcohol test course and for florida permit online course

So it’s time to take your drug and alcohol test so you can get your license. While this is a very exciting time in any new drivers’ life, it can also be quite worrisome. There are probably many questions that keep running through your mind like:


  • Do I really have to sit in a desk for 4 hours after spending the rest of the week at school?
  • Will I know everything I need to be truly prepared for the responsibility that comes with driving?
  • Is there a test at the end of the course and more importantly, is it hard to pass?


The good news is that we have the answers to most of your questions when it comes to getting your permit and eventually your driver’s license in Florida.


To get started, why don’t we talk a little about the responsibilities that every driver faces, how you can be as ready as possible and then we will let you how our course brings it all together. This is actually the hard part. Taking the necessarysteps to get here show that you want to learn everything you can to become the safest driver possible. Drivers face challenges every day when it comes to properly handling their responsibilitiesand education is the best way to deal with this. It all starts with learning the meanings of road signs, traffic laws that you mustfollow and actions to take in different scenarios such as a breakdown or collision. Once you cover the basics, topics like defensive driving and the impact of alcohol and drugs are typically covered next.


Let’s be honest, it does sounds like a lot to take in but we have a solution to that simplifies the entire process of getting you behind-the-wheel as a licensed driver. With our online Florida DHSMV approved drug and alcohol test and florida drivers permit online course, you can relax knowing that everything will be ok. Most importantly too many of our students is the fact that the course can be taken from any internet-connected computer 24/7 which means that you don’t need to go sit in another classroom! Throughout the course you will find informational videos that help with memory retention, audio playback so actual reading is kept to a minimum and the multiple-choice chapter quizzes allow unlimited attempts to pass.


Since we mentioned the chapter quizzes we should go ahead and let you know that the final exam is the same way. That’s right, multiple-choice and unlimited attempts! The cost for the drug and alcohol course is $24.95 and we also offer a package that includes the required permit exam and the course for only $49.95. We see it as a small price to pay for insuring that you arethoroughly prepared for your new responsibilities as a licensed driver.

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